Hyperfly BJJ Gi Judofly X 2.0 white


Hyperfly BJJ Gi JudoFly X 2 white is judo inspired heavyweight kimono.

The JudoFly X 2 is a heavyweight jiu jitsu kimono. A white gi with details and embroideries in blue. The jacket is made of 750 gsm (gram per square meter) pearl weave with double diamond weave on the lower part and has reinforced sleeves 10 cm up from the sleeve’s end. The pants are made of 12 oz twill cotton with the same type of reinforcement as the sleeves. The gi’s collar is made of EVA-foam to prevent sweat and bacteria absorbing into the collar. The JudoFly X 2 is a premium, top quality gi used by pro athletes such as Keenan Cornelius, Karen Antunes, Ana Vieira and Lucas Rocha. A diamond weave gi bag is included. Belt is sold separately.

– Jacket 750 gsm pearl weave.
– Double weave diamond skirt.
– Pants 12 oz twill cotton.

Please note: The cut on the JudoFly X 2 differ from other Hyperfly gi’s like the Hyperlyte and Starlyte. Hyperfly have the following recommendation: “This is a very heavy gi that runs slightly large, we recommend going half a size down”. However Hyperfly Europe as created a size guide based on customers feedback on the JudoFly X 2.

Due to the thick weave and heavy construction, the woven-in letters may look slightly distorted. Loose threads may also appear. Please cut loose threads carefully with a sharp scissor.

Please read size guide and washing instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact customer service

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153-158 cm
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Follow the washing recommendations carefully. Wash in 30 degrees, hang dry. Wash this product separately. Hyperfly takes no responsibility for wrongfully washed products. According to the manufacturer, the gi will shrink after washing. Keep this in mind when trying on the gi for the first time. A colored gi will wear and lose color the more you wash and use the gi and a white will loose the crispy white color over time.